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ZX-200LT Filament
ZX-200LT is a compound based on PK (polyketone) and, like PEEK (polyetheretherketone), belongs to the group of polyketones.ZX-200LT is comparable to PPS in terms of its media and hydrolysis resistance, and comparable to PEEK in the case of common chemicals. It can be defined as a superior acetal (POM) due to its excellent tensile strength to yield elongation ratio and higher continuous service temperature. ZX-200LT enables durable solutions for components that have to be elastically deformed under load, e.g. for seals and rollers, but also for other machine components such as gears and bushings.ZX-200LT is the first worldwide commercialised 3D Filament made of PolyKetone.Nickname: the Unbreakable oneKey features:easily printable & suitable for components with high requirements (mechanical & chemical)mechanichal & thermal properties better than PA6, PA12, POMCchemical stability similar to PEEKMaterial Datasheet3D Print Parameters More InformationsDrm.: 1,75 +/- 0,05 mm Color: natural Spool bore: 52mm Spool diameter: 200mm Spool width: 67mm Quantity: 1,0 kg +/- 5% FDA and EU10/2011 approval